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certificate of TS_ISO9001_API6D_API607_CE_welded ball valve_pipeline ball valve_gate valve_check valve_globe valve
    Publish time 2019-09-20 09:41    

ANSI CL2500 2" Pressure seal flanged globe valve PDF

Application and Pressure Test
Design & Produce: ASME B16.34   
Working Temp.: -29~550℃
Face to Face: ASME B16.10     
Nominal Pressure: Class 1500 
BW Ends dimension: SCH160 
Water Seal Test: 27.5Mpa  
Pressure Test: API 598
Air Seal Test: 0.6Mpa   
Main Parts and Materials   
Part Name: Material
Body: A217 WC6
Seat: A217 WC6+STL
Disc: A182 F11+STL
Auxiliary disc: A182 F11
Disc cover: A182 F11
Bolt: A193 B16
Eyebolt: A193 B16
Guide pad: 1045
Stem: A182 F11
P.S. seat: A182 F11
P.S. gasket: Graphite+304
P.S. ring: A182 F11
Segment ring: A182 F11
Packing: Graphite
Bonnet: A217 WC6
Hanger yoke: A182 F11
Bolt : A217 WC6
Packing gland: A182 F11
Packing plate: A182 F11
Yoke: A217 WC6
Gear: Assemble
Main External and Connecting Dimensions
NPS     DN       L           d          D          T
6“    150mm     559      132      172       27.4
8”    200mm     711      173       223      34.5