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API Technical standard for industry valves
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API Technical standard serial no.

Standard       Standard name

API 6A-2010(20th edition) Wellhead equipment and Christmas tree equipment specifications

API 6D-2014(24th edition) Pipeline valve specifications

API 6DSS-2007 Oil and Gas Industry - Pipeline Transmission Systems - Submarine Pipeline Valves

API QI-2013(9th edition) Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry quality specifications

API 6DR-2012(2th edition) Pipeline valve repair and reconstruction

API 6FA-1999(3th edition)(R2010) (Includes errata released in November 2008)   Valve fire test specifications

API 520.1-2014(9th edition) Pressure relief valve refinery size, selection and installation of the first one: the size and selection

API 520.2-2015(6th edition) Refinery relief valve size, selection and installation of second: installation

API 526-2009(6th edition) Steel flange end relief valve

API 527-2014(4th edition) Relief valve seat sealing

API 591-2014(5th edition) Process valve identification procedures

API 594-2010(7th edition) Flange, lug, wafer and butt weld check valve

API 598-2016(10th edition) Valve inspection and testing

API 599-2013(7th edition) Flange end, thread end and weld end metal stopcock

API 600-2015(13th edition) Steel gate valves for bolted bonnets for the oil and gas industry

API 602-2015(10th edition) Flange, thread, butt weld and body extension link with a compact steel gate valve

API 603-2013(8th edition) Flange end, butt weld end, corrosion-resistant bolted bonnet gate valve

API 607-2016(7th edition) Turn 1/4 week valve and non-metallic valve seat valve fire test

API 608-2012(5th edition) Flange end, threaded end, welded end, metal ball valve

API 609-2016(8th edition) Double flange lug and wafer butterfly valve

API 615-2016(2th edition) Valve selection guide

API 622-2011 Type test of process valve volatile leakage

API 623-2013(1th edition) Steel stop valve - flange and butt welded end, bolted bonnet

API 941-2016(8th edition) Suitable for petroleum refineries and petrochemical plants under the conditions of high temperature and pressure hydrogen steel

API 20A-2012(1th edition) Oil and gas industry Carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy castings

API STD 624-2014 Type tests for fugitive leakage of lifting stem valves fitted with graphite packing

API STD 6X-2014 Design and calculation of pressure equipment

API 6DX-2012(1th edition) Pipeline valve drive and installation of accessories size

API 6FD-1995(R2013) Check valve fire test specifications

API 593-1981 Flanged ductile iron gate valve

API 595-1979 Flanged cast iron gate valve

API 597-1981 Flange and butt-welded steel reduction gate valve

API 604-1981 Flanged ductile iron gate valve

API 605-1988 Large diameter carbon steel flange

API 606-1989 Extended body size steel gate valve

API 610-2003 Centrifugal pumps for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries

API 934-2000 High temperature and high-pressure hydrogen 2-1 / 4Cr and 3Cr steel wall pressure vessel materials and manufacturing requirements

API 5CT-2005 Bushing and tubing specifications

API 11V1-1995(R2000) Gas lift valve, orifice, return valve and diaphragm specifications

API RP 11V7-1999 Gas lift valve repair, testing and identification of recommended practices

API 14A-2000 And under the safety valve equipment specifications