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ISO standard code of valve
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ISO standard code of valve and entries

What is ISO? ISO is the abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization. It is a global non-governmental organization and a very important organization in the field of international standardization.

Valve ISO standard code  Valve ISO standard code standard name

ISO 4126 General requirements for safety valves

ISO 5208 Pressure test for industrial valves

ISO 5209 General industrial valve logo

ISO 5210 Part.1 Connections for multi-turn valve drive units: Flange dimensions

ISO 5210 Part.2 Connections for multi-turn valve actuators: Connection performance of flanges and joints

ISO 5210 Part.3 Connections for multi-turn valve drives: Dimensions of transmissions

ISO 5211 Part.1 Connections for partial rotary valve drives: Flange dimensions

ISO 5211 Part.2 Connections for partial rotary valve drives: Connections to flanges and joints

ISO 5211 Part.3 Connections for multi-turn valve actuators: Dimensions of transmission parts

ISO 5752 Structural length of metal valves in flanged piping systems

ISO 5996 cast iron gate valve

ISO 6002 Steel gate valve with bolted bonnet

ISO 6552 terminology for automatic steam traps

ISO 6553 automatic steam trap logo

ISO 6554 flanged automatic steam trap structure length

ISO 6704 Classification of automatic steam traps

ISO 6948 automatic steam trap manufacturing and use characteristics test

ISO 7121 Draft of the fourth recommendation for flange and butt-welded steel ball valves

ISO 7259 Underground cast iron gate valve operated mainly by handle

ISO 7841 Vapor Leakage Test